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I can now go to a church that welcomes gay and lesbian people. While some women take time off to raise children a rather different thing than merely having themthose women who do not also suffer. The truth is the gender pay gap is mostly a result of societal bias. I must have missed some stories where Christians throw gay men off a rooftop. An elected muslim leader. Oh, and by the way, most muslims in the UK were born in the UK.

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In Politics.

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If the UK really cared about the rights of LGBT people they would stop allowing lots of muslim invaders to go there as the majority of Muslims both from other countries and ones who emigrated and who are living in the UK and other countries and their children-even the United States and Canada want to legalise Sharia law, and want us bisexual and gay men dead. Blaming the current queen for the empire is like blaming the current president for slavery You dick. The ones that make it to Europe are mostly the better off who had assets to sell to pay the traffikers.

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Other bills already published in draft form do not appear to have been brought forward as finalised legislation.

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