Legal arguments against gay marriage

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But it doesn't add up to "marriage equality" in any pure sense. About 25 percent of all children will spend time with a stepfamily. In particular, we need to be clear about what constitutes a civil right. The much disputed question of whether same-sex relationships are morally good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, is beside the point at this stage of legal consideration. And, like all in the anti-gay-marriage crowd, Anderson spends precious little time on what really threatens marriages—divorce. Nor do I regard the "shenanigans" around a plebiscite as much more than spoiling tactics.

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It depends on a certain conception of the telos of marriage - it's purpose and point.

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Why Supporters of Same-Sex Marriage Need Better Arguments

The other motive of appeal is the transmission of the family name. Moreover, much of his testimony contradicted his opinions. The reply from the Executive is 19 pages long, explains the daily. Nor would equal treatment of citizens before the law require a court to conclude that those of us who pray before the start of auto races should be allowed to redefine our auto clubs as churches. Rather, it is an appeal for judges and lawmakers to ignore those distinctions in order not to deny citizens the right to call things what they want to call them. There was even the suggestion by some that the plebiscite itself was discriminatory.

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Live and let live. This reasoning, one might say, could constitute a more conservative case for same-sex marriage: Then, of course, there is interracial marriage, which was illegal in much of the country until the Supreme Court intervened in Loving v. Many progressives and leftists, have historically been ambivalent, if not hostile, to institution of marriage itself: And since it is unconstitutional to deny equal civil rights to citizens, it is unconstitutional to deny to homosexual couples the right to marry. In particular, I was uneasy about how the message delivered by the endless number of same-sex marriage memes appearing on my social media feeds tried to sum up the case:

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