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Among his pet interests, anthropology. Cole Sprouse He makes me feel funny Cole used to date a girl I follow on tumblr about 2 years ago. The Treadways are stank sleeve twins. He looks far younger than he is, like a genuine high-schooler. He's snarky but he's also kind of a SJW R26 is possibly an eldergay of 90 and counting.

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Stop peddiling that myth that child actors are broken, abused people.

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Cole and Dylan Sprouse – Bio, Net Worth, Girlfriends, Family and Facts

I wish him much success. Both he and his brother are pretty active Reddit users, and they definitely have some sort of search setting on because they often pop up in threads about themselves. Cole looks better as a blond. R Er, year-old, that is. Thousands of year-old girls on Tumblr call him Daddy and I'm like???

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But yeah, he looks totally different and not just because of the dyed hair. They were kinda fugly as kids, but they really grew into their looks Not R but I Googled it and apparently Cole's girlfriend of 3 years began posting about their break up and how he cheated on her. R Cole knows he looks better not smiling or maybe he got Botox The odd teeth gave him away. Rumors began to swirl that he took the job because he had squandered his Disney wealth. Dylan's definitely grown into his looks.

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