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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Users who intend to buy are more likely to click a PPC ad. Obtain higher search engine rankings. But more important than location, the services take into account your previous web history and assign greater weight in the result rankings to sites you have already visited. Contexts is a quarterly magazine that makes cutting-edge social research accessible to general readers. Home Departments Blog Search.

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We wondered how the results would be affected if we turned on search filtering to weed out "adult content", and that did produce one variation.

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Google searches show more worry over gay men and boys than over gay women and girls

Each point in the graph represents the search interest relative to the highest point on the chart, corresponding to the United States in the period. However, we strongly suspect that the higher rates of searches about a son or husband being gay reflect that being a gay male is seen more negatively than being a lesbian. Contexts sociology for the public. One difference was where the first anti -gay marriage web source appeared: However, notice that on august 29, Montreal World Film Festival respectively on december 24, the movie "Oh vey! We believe these findings are a consequence of two factors combined: Organic link building services from LGBT media.

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Do you agree with our conclusion? Comparing search results on the three major search engines can be tricky. Next, we extend our Google search analysis from gay sons and daughters to analysis of Google searches for gay husbands or wives. Organic link building services from LGBT media. A value of is the peak popularity for a term across this period. For lesbian topics the number of search queries per month on Google is over 77 million globally and over 13 million in the UK.

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