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But LGBT travelers should not feel shut out from enjoying the sights and experiences of this beautiful country. The former far-right leader and vice chancellor won a seat in May in spite of a scandal engulfing him. Sexual orientation and military service. Balkan Insight. Dominik Istrate. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.

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Sign the petition. After an afternoon at the hospital, on their way home they stopped in this area, and Zuleyha told Cagla that even if it was going to be difficult, even it it was going to take time, she was not going to give up, because they were family. Academics from Central and Eastern Europe, including feminist historian Andrea Peto from the Central European University in Budapest, have argued that this type of initiative constitutes an "anti-gender movement" that targets not only LGBTQ people but also takes aim at women and people who don't fit into their conception of a "natural, traditional" family pattern.

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Hungary Under Communism.

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