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More recently there have been the Italian castrati of the 19th century - boys who sacrificed their manhood for the sake of singing careers in the opera houses of Europe. Norton, Rictor. Put more simply, this means that in order to speak I must subject myself to a symbolic order I can never fully control and which can never fully represent me, thus alienating me from some part of myself. Of particular interest in the present context are two examples Norton uses to support this argument. According to Gelding, for most men the desire to be castrated stems from puberty but does not develop into a fixation for at least 10 years. Only in this way, I suggest, can we truly guard ourselves against the effects of castration: The more we read, however, the clearer it becomes that there are really only two options here:

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These activities are treated as routine, things not to be condemned, discouraged, or even reluctantly tolerated, but celebrated.

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New York and London: Like castration. Share this:

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But eunuchs are nothing new.

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