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Archived from the original on 11 December And so now there he is, a gay actor playing probably the most visible gay character on television. Love is love and that's the end of the matter. He thinks it's for one night, then it turns out it's not that. I thought that would be really great, regular work then off to the next job. He said he liked that Sean has not talked with Sophie about her lesbianism.

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This Morning This Morning model leaves fans fuming with seriously annoying habit:

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Coronation Street's Antony Cotton reveals confused fans of the soap always ask him where Eileen is

Archived from the original on 11 December With three weeks to go, the jury is still out on Cotton's show although Mark Lawson, writing in yesterday's Guardian, forcefully put the case for the prosecution. If that makes me a cunt, I can't do anything about that" and "Don't patronise me, you university-educated twat" and warmed up to the point of being friendly. Last year, O'Grady defected from ITV to Channel 4, where he now splits the year with the pair, leaving a hole in ITV1's daytime schedule and permitting Cotton's venture into light entertainment. This Morning This Morning model leaves fans fuming with seriously annoying habit.

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You're Back in the Room. But it's the Bury-born actor's turn for a darker storyline this summer, as Coronation Street tackles the issue of homelessness. EastEnders spoilers EastEnders spoilers: The one thing I hope people will take from it is it can happen to anyone. Alexander in Queer As Folk was the first gay part I ever played. He has just finished a salad parma ham and melon and a bowl of soup carrot and is musing on the marvellousness of the Spice Girls.

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