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Sweeney, Charles; Antonucci, James A. More from the web. Wednesday 13 February Rather, the dispute was sometimes a symbolic issue in a "culture war" in which many Americans lumped together the seeming decline of American power, the difficulties of the domestic economy, the threats in world trade and especially Japan's successes, the loss of domestic jobs, and even changes in American gender roles and shifts in the American family. Of mission commander Parsons, it was said:

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This article is about the bomber.

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Enola Gay flies into new A-bomb controversy

More from the web. It was initially given the Victor squadron-assigned identification number 12, but on 1 August, was given the circle R tail markings of the 6th Bombardment Group as a security measure and had its Victor number changed to 82 to avoid misidentification with actual 6th Bombardment Group aircraft. Enola Gay returned safely to its base on Tinian to great fanfare, touching down at 2: Crew B-9, commanded by Captain Robert A. The name was painted on the aircraft on 5 August by Allan L. An earlier exhibition centred on the Enola Gay in sparked political outrage, as veterans groups and the US Senate accused the exhibit of over-emphasising Japanese casualties.

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Tibbets was the first to disembark, and was presented with the Distinguished Service Cross on the spot. Several hundred people, including journalists and photographers, had gathered to watch the planes return. Enola Gay was personally selected by Colonel Paul W. Retrieved 13 April Paul Tibbets waving from the Enola Gay ' s cockpit before taking off for the bombing of Hiroshima. Thomas, Gordon; Morgan-Witts, Max Judgment at the Smithsonian.

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