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I really hope this is just trolling I know I am not a homophobe, and I don't care what you label me. Players who choose to participate in this optional event will make a rainbow scarf. Many felt that it should not be added as it was irrelevant to the game and because some use it as an escape from real world issues, whilst others praised it for promoting LGBT acceptance. Others created an in-game protest as per RuneScape tradition for all controversial eventswith protesters and counter-protesters gathered in the city of Falador. It was implemented badly. By using this site, you are agreeing by the site's terms of use and privacy policy and DMCA policy.

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Following the announcement, many players took to the OSRS subreddit [2] and game forums to voice their concerns about the event.

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There is only one thing being shoved down any throat during this conflict, and that's how many threads are being dedicated to extreme, conspiratorial, hateful thoughts regarding what is a relatively minor gesture headed by a junior quality assurance analyst. If i suggest a pride event in a video game, and someone accuses me of virtue signaling, it means they're accusing me of only giving a shit so i can flaunt my moral superiority. The rewards are usually just some cosmetic shit. This is exactly what Marx said. Which is laughable because anyone that's been in game knows you will inevitably see political talk everywhere.

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I mean, RuneScape has been the iconic game for mouth breathing basement bigots for over a decade now and now it's, what, suggesting that they gasp accept other human beings? Nope, it's all Trump. How about a guy that uses spears-- Developers: An entire community having a freak out about something minor like this isn't exactly standard reddit procedure. If they actually bothered to wait for it to be released before complaining they'd probably find it'll be fairly subtle and not at all how they're fearing. If you're not a homophobe why do you keep on having to say you aren't one? A jagex employee has made a megathread on the topic - link.

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