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Petrus Damiani, Vita Romualdich. He famously remarked that he would have sold London if he could have found a buyer. In an entirely distinct passage, in which Hoveden discusses an incident when Richard was king, inwe have another hint which has been read as indicating that Richard was homosexually active. A True Tale of Robin Hood. In particular, Richard and the majority of the army council wanted to force Saladin to relinquish Jerusalem by attacking the basis of his power through an invasion of Egypt.

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He twice confessed and performed penance, possibly for sodomy.

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The Lion in Winter: Did Richard the Lionhearted Do It in the Butt?

Gay and Lesbian People in History. This would obviously have reduced his opportunity to sleep with his wife in the early years of his marriage. Survivors of the wrecks had been taken prisoner by the island's ruler, Isaac Komnenos. The more ruthless his punitive expeditions and the more rapacious his mercenaries' plundering, the more hostility he aroused. They were together night and day and slept in the same room because "he loved him.

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The Richest Queen in Medieval Europe. Eight days later Richard's own nephew Henry II of Champagne was married to the widowed Isabellaalthough she was carrying Conrad's child. Although there is an implied criticism of his moral compass, the main point is that Richard despised England. At the end of the film, he was seen riding along with his army for Jerusalem, after Saladin took it. To hold this position requires that one see neither of the passages below as having any relationship to homosexuality. At one point, while sick from scurvyRichard is said to have picked off guards on the walls with a crossbowwhile being carried on a stretcher.

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