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With that said, I want to share my response to the contestant clause, for all to see - as I know many people will never quite get it, nor understand. For more information visit the Miss Gay Indiana University website! Miss Gay IU is celebrating 20 years of fairness and success as the first college drag pageant, and helping lead the way to some proactive minds and changes that were very much needed at IU and in Bloomington many years ago. The original comment was by no means rude or nasty and meant no harm - but I know there are others out there who do mean harm - so it just sparked me to get a head start on the issue. It's an integrity of the grass roots and evolution to drag, to the male and female impersonation world in our culture and community. Not content with simply having the pageant, the organizers of 'Miss Gay IU' force the event on everyone else It's like any clause in any pageant, real girl, or drag queen, setting a groundwork of what qualifies you as a contestant.

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This is an issue that arises every year, and one that I expect and know will always be around being in an academic environment.

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Miss Gay IU

Feel free to contact myself if you have anymore questions or concerns! Becker Gay Country Singer: It has been brought up to me, as it is every year, that we contradict our discrimination clause with Miss Gay IU, which is that " You go Big Red, girl! We want to know your opinion on this issue!

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Myself and OUT truly appreciate all of the support that is provided. Please be respectful of others. Since I love pageants of any kind, I buckled in and headed down south, not quite expecting to find what awaited me. It's like any clause in any pageant, real girl, or drag queen, setting a groundwork of what qualifies you as a contestant. I wish he had been around when I was 18 and maybe, just maybe, I wouldn't have felt so alone. If we allowed any and all to compete in either competition, there would be no distinction between the two - and no need to call it a female impersonation, or male impersonation contest. I embrace a well rounded and diverse education, rather I agree with it or not, and take pride in knowing that I may have financially supported a cause that is important to someone else that could quite possibly be my worst enemy, or polar opposite.

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