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The trademark dreadlocks are gone, but he still cuts an imposing figure. For Lewis, it would relieve the burden and strain of leading a secret double-life. It would be an act of great courage and dignity; the equivalent of Jesse Owens braving racist prejudice to win gold in Berlin in Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 2. Finally, they were separated, leaving Lewis to make one more abortive run on his man. And British boxing fans were divided. Macklin compiled a 22 KOs record over the course of 14 years as a professional fighter.

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Looking back on that career, Lennox pointed to five fights that were particularly important to him.

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To have an openly gay world class sportsman like Lewis would be brilliant. It was important for me to retire on my own terms, for my legacy and my health. It often has an adverse effect on their performance. There are no current world champions in any sport who are openly gay. Hitting below the belt Host Gary Miller asked Lewis:

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He hasn't proven himself. Lewis, 6ft 5in and 18st, challenged him as the pair sat side-by-side in the studios of the cable television sports network ESPN in Disneyland, California. He chose not to share that knowledge with many of those who were closest to him. But when Rahman became heavyweight champion, he had a responsibility to act like a champion. But I also have homes in Jamaica and Canada [where his year-old mother lives]. See all our news.

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