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Michael stood in front of the other man and touched his chest, running a couple of fingers over one of his nipples. The site is older and simple, but boy are the stories great! Bobby Ryan and his new sex slave this is a continuation of Bobby Ryan get captured same note as always Bobby walks Joe into his bedroom what are you going to do to me call the coos Joe asked as he held Bobby captive for 10 hours and raped him twice No I am going to keep you as my slave you are mine now Bobby said as he pushed Joe on the bed and cut off Joe's cothes lube up A freshman and a senior find lust, love and homophobia at an upscale school in New York City in Disclaimer this is fantasy don't know anyone in thehh story or there sexual pefrence It has been two week since Atlanta Flacons QB Matt Ryan was kidnapped Mr johns and finished matt expdided training end two nights ago and tonight was the auction Mr johns said he would start the bidding at six million it time matt as step on a block OK we have matt Ryan this sexy QB has been trained A new guy moves in next door and we have lots in common. As always I don't know the sexuality pefance of go bobby Ryan this is fiction Its 9 in the evening at Bobby Ryan's off season home in Idaho Bobby was in his basement when he walked up stairs where he see a guy holding a gun bobby puts his hands up his hands are tied behind his back the man leads bobby In to the dining room forcing bobby to sit in a chair and ties bobby to the

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Chris bit his lip as he looked over the other man and admired his sinewy body and impressive manhood.

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Although with all of the excitement and anticipation of our up coming nuptials, Carson has been in a bit of a funk because the eagles missed the playoffs this season. Semen spurted out of his cockhead and dribbled down his shaft while he was unable to touch himself. Danny is a quiet, reserved and shy teenager. I put on my shorts and the shoes and went to the line My Schoolmate"s son 6. Dale Earnhardt, Jr Gets a wife as a pizza delivery guy I get a lot of calls on night I took one for dale Earnhardt Jr I got to door no one answered the door I though it was a prank the door was open I walk junior comes down the stairs sorry I was in the bathroom sign here I give a big tip if you suck my cock ok the pizza guy got down on his knees as Junior taks out his cock There are many places in Hollywood where male celebrities can hook-up with each other discretely and have the most mind-blowing sex of their lives.

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Dale earnhardt jr gets kidnapped by pirates partt 3 by tt Feb 22, Dale earnhardt jr gets kidnapped by pirates part 2. Dan comes to a horrific conclusion and Johnny jumps towards happiness. Michael knows Damien, but where have they met? Dale Earnhardt Jr gets a wife part 2 the next day as always this is fiction the next day mike woke up thinking that it was a dream he opens his eyes seeing light but nothing else and feels Dale Jr's cock in his ass yes this was not a dream as Junior kisses him morning baby you felt so good last night I'm going to unlock you from the bed and we've gone to taje a shower after removing the The narrator wonders whether it is Mani"s son or his own? Michael threw his head back and bellowed with pleasure as he shot his load into the other man.

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