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Alexandra, who came out as a trans woman four years ago, helps guide Nat as she decides whether or not she is also a trans woman. It's a model for putting the story first and making the sexes of the characters almost incidental, which is something I'm especially pleased to see. What sets Artifice apart -- you may already have guessed -- is that both the machine and his love interest are male. Deacon and Jeff are arguably seme and uke -- Deacon is older, stronger and has short hair, while Jeff is young, vulnerable and has long hair -- but the story does not belabor those archetypes. The uke is the object of romantic or erotic pursuit, and is usually slender and androgynous. An action-adventure modern fantasy story with an entire cast of queer characters, starring a gay trans girl and her weird friends!

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Yaoi allows both authors and readers to explore sexual power dynamics without confusing them with traditional gender dynamics.

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Eric Bittle is in college, gay, and an ice hockey player, having to navigate a crush on Jack, the Team Captain! Often the product of a single cartoonist, webcomics offer a unique opportunity to showcase the queer community in all its glory. As a gay man, I am not the intended audience for yaoi, but I find the genre fascinating. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook.

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American Yaoi:

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