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Sign in to complete account merge. About me — my family owned a very popular drapery shop in Atlanta. Cute kids' books about queer families'. Gender in the classroom. On our walk home from the school that day, I started to launch into my pep talk about what an amazing kid he is and how proud I am, but he stopped me before I could truly get going. So, it is our responsibility to seek knowledge.

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By Katie Weber Jun 6,

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Kid Meets Gay Couple for the First Time [VIDEO]

Any bully is going to have to contend with me. And that, too, would be perfectly natural! After some soul-searching and many late-night talks with my husband, we decided to first tell the parents of his closest friends so they could be ready to answer any questions. Kindergarten teachers will tell you that playground weddings at recess are not uncommon, and I can even remember my son fashioning a wedding dress out of toilet paper even before he was 3. Give him a little space to figure it out, but remember to check up on him too.

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So sorry to see you go! We live in an age where shaming others is okay. My heart ached, and I wished I could rewind to the time when kisses and cuddles fixed absolutely everything. And in fact, this self-assurance is what has helped when he has experienced some bullying. And that, too, would be perfectly natural!

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