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There's one that is the general consensus of the group, and unfortunately this song was written by an absolutely amazing songwriter, Mutt Lange. And our security guard, Marcus, about that time -- she'd timed it perfectly. I ain't doin' that. And I think we're seasoned artists. Enchanted, the Disney -- A. OK, you've got issues.

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Doing a lot of these outdoor festival shows, you would see a lot of gay men and gay women just chanting and going for it.

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Catching Up With The Backstreet Boys

Years and years ago, especially over in Europe, it's funny, a lot of the boy bands, a lot of the members that were in a lot of those boy bands were actually gay, and it was just something that was normal over there. It's cool, in a way, and also it sucks, on the other side. Only One of Them Should. Working with great producers now, in today's world, it's all about who produced it and who wrote it, so it's kind of turned, but I think it'll get back to us again -- hopefully. Ever since the mids, when record execs and producers realized you can copy the Jackson 5 and New Edition blueprint and sell a lot of music-related products to teens, the boy band has become a recurring trend every decade. Our old manager was rummaging through his bunk and he felt a leg and was like, "What the hell? As for any sort of gay rumors surrounding him or the pop group, he doesn't care.

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On the flip side, if you had to pick one song from your catalog that best describes the Backstreet Boys, or one that you think is most representative of your career so far, what would you pick? You can call us a boy band -- we don't care. I've worn a dress at my wedding. Perez Hilton is looking for the new big boy band. We are the Grand Marshals. Or it'll transfer to the Jonas Brothers.

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