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Born with Environment Both vol. Amnesty International, UK [webpage on the Internet]. Education directed toward instilling an awareness of GLBT persons may also be advisable. Diversity training in professional schools might help the recently graduated health care provider and medical librarian to be comfortable in serving the needs of all peoples. Also, female respondents reported higher levels of comfort around lesbian and gay peers than males.

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Furthermore, almost all the students believed that homosexuality is an abnormal sexual behavior.

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The results also documented numerous use of homophobic language by the boys in order to distance themselves from the stigma of being labeled gay. Global Legal Research Center; They appear to be ill informed about the nature of homosexuality. A study conducted by Francis 2 in Durban, South Africa, sought to grasp an understanding on how life orientation teachers position themselves on the teaching of sexuality education, generally, and homosexuality, specifically, in their classrooms.

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