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Very nice and friendly. Is that gym in particular a "gay gym"? R Tratner is married to another guy and I don't think Bendel's bearish looks are Mike's type. He had a quick recovery from the surgery and returned to the FOX 5 on 9 July and looks to be at his very best. Then I realized he was april fooling.

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He seems like he'd be fun but would like watching himself fuck someone.

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Mike Woods Biography

R lol yeah the gaydar went into overdrive, almost shorted out because it got so many readings. What does mike wood mean? He looks like a fucking model here damn it he's hot:. Mike and Gio should collide. They're probably pissed he looks so much younger and hotter than they do. Where did you get that pic, R? The rumors of him being gay received further mileage when he was spotted in the NYC gay bars.

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His attention-whoring is a turnoff though. Would you like to merge this question into it? Mike Woods fox weather man gay? MW also is not very tall when you see him in person. Who is mike woods married to? Mike with tv chef Sunny Anderson. He certainly could get with younger if he so desired.

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