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Of course, you do. Signing up is super easy and free — so, if you're looking for a porn-oriented community with an orientation for other dudes, this website is for you. You click on the torrent that you want, download the torrent, open up the file, and wait for the torrent to start downloading. And unlike a traditional BitTorrent, you don't need a separate file to start downloading the main file. Torrents come with a bunch of benefits and so long as everyone seeds as much as they leech, everyone can have a great time with minimal problems.

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When it comes to the social aspects of Our GTN, everything is really well-curated and well-moderated, too.

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Obviously, I haven't checked all of the content on these sites to see how much content is public domain or has a lax IP license on it and how much is pirated. In other words, when you download a torrent, you are getting a sort of digital key which allows you to open a larger digital package. The forum caters to all tastes, but last I knew the users on this forum really like the Asian Lovers Club. Of course, this great way of sharing data has led to folks uploading nearly an endless amount of porn, especially gay porn. I'm not entirely sure, but what I can say is that GayTorrent.

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Then keep on reading. But, just like a URL which leads to a site or web page which is down, if a torrent is no longer active you won't get the file. And if you find a really great site missing on the list - feel free to contact me any time! But, just like a condom, even the best protection can fuck up, so be careful what files you download. I'm not entirely sure, but what I can say is that GayTorrent.

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