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His closest friends scattered most of the ashes in San Francisco Bay. The vessel with two bacteria…. It didn't have much reverberation. Intwo gay men tried to open an antique shop, but the Eureka Valley Merchants Association EVMA attempted to prevent them from receiving a business license. One day I'm on the front page and the next I'm swept right off.

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Brown pushed for legalization of sex between consenting adults in but failed.

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Harvey Milk

There are some bigots and jerks but for the most part people do not bat an eye if they see two men walking down the street holding hands or two women giving each other a kiss as they hop off the MUNI to go to their respective jobs. Sailor Boy Tavern The first proto-leather bar in San Francisco was the Sailor Boy Tavern, which opened in and was primarily for visiting navy men looking for action. Rights and legal issues. I need my brothers for this one. But people still go and party there.

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Dan White's arrest and trial caused a sensation and illustrated severe tensions between the liberal population and the city police. So disappointing, as it is when my post got dumped by QuearTee for posting too fast, even though it was my only post of the day. When Milk's friends looked in his closet for a suit for his casket, they learned how much he had been affected by the recent decrease in his income as a supervisor. Dan White served a little more than five years for the double homicide of Moscone and Milk. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Milk's theatrical campaigns earned him increasing popularity, and in he won a seat as a city supervisor. Milk received an icy reception from the gay political establishment in San Francisco.

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