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Women have forever had close female friendships, and those that were sexual could easily be disguised. Heterosexual is an even newer word, which first appeared in print in They live on realities and on a minimum of theory. There's nothing wrong with being gay. How to get into cricket. England in West Indies: If you're playing international sport, with all these microphones, all these cameras around, you're going to get caught sooner or later.

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But none of that applies to George Parsons, whose journal in from Tombstone is absolutely aghast at the lesbian activity he witnessed at the local saloon:

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It is clear that the koskalaka are perceived as powerful. Test Match Special, county commentaries, clips and podcasts. But if any of the big names in Western lore were gay, it remains a secret. There's nothing wrong with being gay. Cricket commentator Fazeer Mohammed, who like Gabriel is from the island of Trinidad, believes there will be some in the Caribbean who "might be wondering what the fuss is all about". The letters literally gush—some dismiss this idea, too, saying gushing letters were the norm then.

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One writer has suggested that Doc Holliday may have enjoyed Big Nose Kate because she was so ugly she looked like a man. All of this has been seen as so contrary to the Western myth that until now, even Hollywood has shied away. Tripp—a homosexual and psychologist who was a researcher for Kinsey—makes a strong argument that the 16th president of the United States was a bisexual man. Author Gore Vidal, himself a homosexual who knew Tripp, thinks the proof is clear. Former Surrey player Rainford-Brent, 35, said it showed "the sort of person" Root is and the "character he has deep down". Live Scores All Teams. Gabriel's exchange with Root on Monday occurred during the England captain hitting a fine century to put his side in a commanding position.

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