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Cooper and Mayerson never really attempt to distill these varying influences or labels and, again, one finds a perceived sloppiness or inarticulateness to the form: WikiProject Biography biography articles. The literature came before the music. No special action is required regarding these talk page notices, other than regular verification using the archive tool instructions below. It is cited in his biography that the school was a "new age school that taught Scientology and other fringe beliefs that could only exist in California". Then I got asked to join Hazel.

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The person who had the biggest success from that scene was Justin Bond.

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Talk:Darby Crash

The LA pre-hardcore punk band The Germs' lead singer, Darby Crash was known to explain to people that "Bowie says we have five years left", and actually killed himself within five years of starting his band, in accordance with a suicide pact he gathered out of the Ziggy Stardust story. Those places were scary. How did this come about? I could see this in a trivia section, but I can't imagine any encyclopedia actually publishing a coincidence like that. Punk rock hardcore punk [1]. Jude Davies calls this punk's "problematization of consensus," and quotes Ted Castle:

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LA punk's common discourse was about "privatized issues" like "feelings of personal alienation or repelling conservative attempts to control individual consciousness" I had discovered Fifth Column when I was reading through an issue of Flipside. Despite thriving scenes sprouting around the country, San Francisco became the unofficial capital of Queercore. We had put the [actors playing the] band together and rehearsed them, and the Germs were really impressed. And unfortunately the music's bullshit.

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