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Coping with religious condemnation Four participants drew upon their spirituality in order to cope with hostility from religious people. History of Christianity and homosexuality. Let us go into the house of the Lord: And roughly 58 percent are gay or bisexual men. That's why I go to a gay church. Scottish Episcopal Church approves gay marriage. Although our study cannot answer these questions, it does highlight the need to be attentive to issues of sexuality when considering the quality of life benefits of religion Lease et al.

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References American Psychiatric Association Position statement on therapies focused on attempts to change sexual orientation reparative or conversion therapies American Journal of Psychiatry.

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Religion and spirituality among bisexual Black men in the USA

Strauss AL, Corbin J. That we acquired a substantial amount of in-depth data on religion and spirituality from a study that was not specifically designed to acquire such data is, perhaps, testament to the religious heritage sustained by bisexual men of African descent in the USA. Retrieved April 29, And roughly 58 percent are gay or bisexual men. Six participants engaged in sexual relationships with men that they met at church or through religious activities.

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For example, Antonio, a year-old Trinidadian immigrant, revealed: Religion and LGBT people. The Impact of internalized homophobia on HIV preventive interventions. The purported sexual conversion of Donnie McClurkin, a Grammy award-winning Gospel singer, is frequently cited by Black ministers who use homonegative rhetoric to justify their actions toward non-heterosexuals. Toward an understanding of behaviourally bisexual men:

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