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The Lonestar bar is the newest addition to the Round-Up and features stone arches and slate counter tops. Don't come out during the week, it's dead! Nice layout with a great bar staff. The air conditioning is in very bad shape, the music is not current, and the managment does not like you to complain. I always encourage folks to patronize gay-owned businesses whenever you can in the hopes that they may flourish. My friend Todd Camp is brilliant and he is our memory.

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Photo contributed by Justin Benny Leon Vanderwoodson.

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Urban Cowboy Saloon

My brain was stuck in a buffering loop at that hour, so I reached for my laptop and did what any logical human being would do when faced with unthinkably impossible news: The previous few weeks had already been a dizzying nightmare. The folks are wonderfull friendly and knew the words to all the old country music I played on the Juke Box. Tags Outdoor Patio Karaoke. Hey Pete, thanks so much for your response. Photo contributed by Justin Benny Leon Vanderwoodson. By earlythe court had ordered that Fort Worth police destroy all records of license plates, names, and other personal data collected regarding area homosexuals.

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Many of the biggest voices behind the improvements were burned by the spotlight and began to step back, some moving to Dallas, others retiring or simply walking away. Best Friends Club E. Being partnered up hardly ended my tenure in bars, though. This bar has extremely friendly bartenders and great music. Then infor the first time in more than 35 years, the closed its doors. Thank you so much, sweet man! Daytime prices excellent and it quiet enough to talk to others.

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