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It hasn't worked though, as when we visited it was full with the same type of clients from pre-renovation, old regulars that believe they own the place. I would suggest in Sussex St and Bodyline. Is the only lawfully established club in Sydney. Went through the door and asked if I could get a pass out. I hope that such a great venue is well patronised and that a younger crowd is attracted.

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Sydney Bathhouses & Sex Clubs

Aarows 17 Bridge Street. Four floors with steam, jacuzzi, fantasy rooms, maze, sun deck, video, lounge and cinema. Offering a full range of adult products including videos, magazines and aromas. He gave me the speal that other people know. Kiwibigboy Over a year ago. Signal Mens Cruise Club 81 Oxford St, Darlinghurst, on the 2nd floor, above the Toolshed, second entrance around the cornerSydney Cool place, not so big that ya can't find anyone, but big enough to loose the one that keeps bothering ya LOL, staff can be helpful if you know how to work them, and lube supplied in all the rooms, a Massage non-sexual is also available.

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Sydney Gay Bathhouses Saunas. Asian guys are reserved but just need a smile and a little encouragement. SS is missing huge advertising opportunities, by not selling their T shirts. Friday is Buck, naked night from 8pm. Now the big one.