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I went to school, had my hobbies, hung out with my friends. The most entertaining person in the Premier League is a referee. But I worry about the bigger world and the implications of telling random people. It is important to differentiate the difference between the LGB and the T. It feels good to be noticed! It is when they do not fit those boxes that social stigma arises and the feelings of being different manifest themselves. Because so many of her close friends are identifying as gay, sleepovers are now a thing of the past.

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They might not be able to answer all of your questions because they might not know all of the answers at this point.

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I didn’t come out, I was found out – and it messed with me

Research shows children whose families reject them after coming out are six times more likely to be diagnosed with major depression and four times more likely to become involved with drug addiction and unsafe sex. Allowing yourself to have a space to talk about your feelings away from your child is important. I was completely and utterly exhausted of trying to live a straight-but-also-gay-but-also-straight life. We have been sold a total load of crap when it comes to female sexuality and the reality is women and girls are turned on by just about everything and everyone. They might not be entirely clear in their own minds about their orientation. Do not make or tolerate gay slurs or jokes.

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What took me so long? This is 4x more than the national average for gender-conforming individuals. Using the correct pronouns for your child or any person is respectful. Here are my concerns: The good news is that times have changed and girls and boys can really work out who they are when it comes to their sexual attraction.

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