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Dixmor's is Jimmy's last chance to avoid juvenile detention and, knowing Dixmor's reputation, he prepares for the worst. His athletic uniform when he plays dodgeball consists of a yellow t-shirt with the Bullhorns logo and khaki school shorts and sneakers. During the course of the in-game missions he gains the interest of all the female clique members BeatricePinkyLolaMandyand Zoealthough the only girls he goes on actual dates with are Pinky and Zoe. Over the course of the game, Jimmy can obtain a wide variety of clothes, haircuts, and tattoos. Despite this, he seems to have a decent underlying nature, frequently moved to defend people who are weaker than he is. Our Standards: He generally wears his clothing more disordered than intended; for example, he wears his school uniform with the collar unbuttoned and unfolded, and his white shirt is untucked.

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Our Standards:

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United States. Graduate high school, stop the bullying at Dixmor Academy, defeat Gary Smith. Jimmy is 15 years old and is smaller in height than most students, but is reasonably stocky. Jimmy is dumped at Dixmor Academy by his often remarried mother and his new stepfatherwho Jimmy describes as a "rich old phony", whilst they go on a year long honeymoon cruise.

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As he states early on in the game, "I only give people what they have coming to them.

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