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Probably one of the greatest problems we face today in America is being pissed off by the things other people do but not having the time to make them feel bad about it. Jan 08th, Daniel Funke. Yes, he is apparently the opposite of gay. Also by making gay people. In April they announced that they would welcome transgender customers to any bathroom and fitting room that matched their gender identity. Apr 27th, Daniel Funke.

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Mark Dayton, whose family founded Target before selling it.

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Corporate Equality Index

Aug 08th, Daniel Funke. Gene Robinson to deliver the invocation at an inaugural event on Sunday: In high heels, blonde wig and tight dress, Bliss said: At the same time, do you find yourself hoping you'd have more targets to direct your own bigotry at? To enlist the support of the gay community for the boycott, union officials approached Harvey Milk, who agreed to encourage participation in the boycott in exchange for jobs for gay men on Teamsters Union beer trucks. Perhaps you should ask.

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TV and Radio Best Practices: A rebuke by the AFA has the rare power to galvanize immediate, widespread support for a brand, rather than opposition to it, as bloggers deride what they see as the AFA's extreme conservative views. In any event, the chickens had to be rounded up and no one got un-gay married as a result, so we can pretty much call this one a bust. The debate is whether there is a correlation between those two facts. So, in December of that year, when a rental truck pulled up to the steps of French Parliament, it was likely no one understood why 40 chickens were kicked outsome literally, before the truck sped off with police chasing it.

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