Can chemical exposure cause transgender

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Dick Swaab of the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience is a pioneer in the neuroscience underlying gender identity. Gender dysphoria and autism spectrum disorder: The visual representation of gender is what the man cis wants. But I would put fourth that if it has no link to sex, then what is it? More research needs to be done to understand the exact pathways. It is a mental disorder, end of. Childhood maltreatment linked with a deterioration of psychosocial outcomes in adult life for southern Brazilian transgender women.

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Identity is not a disorder.

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Transgender Associations and Possible Etiology: A Literature Review

Yet a biological understanding of the contrast between the natal sex and the gender identity of transgender people remains elusive. As they did back in the day with bullying ANYone with a birth difference. An answer to why we want to transition? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. The evidence until today shows that transsexualism has a complex biopsychosocial etiology.

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This article has not considered many other hypothesis but cherry picked evidence to support the desired conclusion. In another survey conducted in medical students enrolled in the United States and Canada, Due to society, they need to be and look as their brain dictates to be happy. After finding out, users would flag the trans users: I wanted to thank you for this article. I wish society would stop demonizing all who are not male or female straight. My sibling was depressed long before there was harassment.

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